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I am a board certified Health and Life Coach specializing in the Mind-Gut connection. My first book "Buddha Belly" was written after a lifetime of suffering with Anxiety and Depression and finally finding my healing through the microbiome. I then developed an accredited Health Coach training school, designed to TRAIN and EMPOWER coaches to utilize the combination of Gut Health and Mindset for greater success with client health and the mental health epidemic. In 2019, after a hard chapter of my personal life I released my second book "#MYEPICYEAR" which documented my spiritual healing process as well as the MINDSET we must find in order to heal and create our own greatest life.

I personally created a business from nothing, centered around my soul's greatest passions and grew it organically into a six figure business before year two!

I now have incredible coaches in over 10 different countries and focus on coaching coaches and business owners through the creation and execution of their ultimate Life and Business VISION. I specialize in niche business creation  and success strategy for coaches and wellness professionals.

My journey has allowed me to bring incredible value and strategy to those whom I train and in return they bring me fulfillment by succeeding in their VISION.

I love to give and expend much of my philanthropic efforts on teaching what I believe is a far better and more effective approach to tackling the mental health crisis. You will frequently find me empowering the masses of wellness professionals and entrepreneurs or pouring love and hope into those struggling and effected by trauma.

We all have a purpose and I have found mine by leading others towards theirs

Welcome to my vision